1. Booking
After the booking of the boat/date is agreed upon, a contract/confirmation will be sent. The contract is binding for the customer when the booking is confirmed by the customer’s contact person by phone or email.

1.1 Prices
All customized itineraries executed by The Northwest Experience will be invoiced in NOK.

We reserve the right to change prices due to increased costs of goods, services, taxes and fees, or other costs controlled by external parties.

2. Cancellation
As this can mean direct loss for us/boat owner if cancellation does not happen in due time, the following procedures apply in the industry:

All cancellations must be made in writing/email.

In case of cancellation more than 14 days before the event date, cancellation is free of charge.

In case of cancellation less than 14 days before the event date, the customer will be invoiced for the trip per the number of passengers booked on the contract + VAT.

*No refunds of tickets will be made for the card and transaction fee (2.4% of the amount), as this is not under the control of The Northwest Experience.

2.1 Cancellation/FORCE MAJEURE
If circumstances beyond our control – such as strikes, fires, extreme weather, and other events that prevent your stay or activity from being carried out – arise, we reserve the right to cancel your stay or activity without being responsible for paying compensation. Generally, bad weather is considered normal and does not give the customer the right to cancel or change the booking.

3. Beverages
All of our boats are licensed to serve beer, wine, and spirits. The serving of alcohol on our vessels is subject to the same regulations as for restaurants, so it is not allowed to bring your own beverages, which the customer is obliged to inform their guests about.

Guests who appear visibly intoxicated will be denied entry. The person or persons who do not follow the captain’s instructions may be put ashore. Violation of the above provisions is considered a breach of contract and gives the captain, for safety reasons, the right to cancel the entire event. The customer will be charged in full for the event and for any loss incurred by the shipping company/broker in such cases. Serving of alcohol normally ends 20 minutes before disembarkation

4. Liability/Owner
The shipping company/broker disclaims any liability for loss of life, injury to persons or objects that can be validly waived under Chapter 6 of the Maritime Act, or other losses due to breakdown or interruption of operation. The use of and personal equipment/items brought on boat trips/guided tours, such as cameras, mobile phones, bags, jewelry, glasses, etc., is at the participants‘ own risk. Otherwise, liability limitation according to Chapter 10 of the Maritime Act applies. We are not responsible for lost or abandoned items on board, but keep lost property.

5. Conduct and Boat Sense
The skipper on board the vessel has the ultimate responsibility for passengers and crew, and guests are therefore obliged to follow instructions given by him or someone he authorizes. If the skipper has to go to the quay earlier than agreed due to the behavior of the guests, the event will be invoiced in full.

Participants must always follow the instructions given by the guide or boat operator; the operator has authority on the boat he/she operates. The operator has the authority to refuse anyone’s participation in the tour if they consider it a safety risk – this may be related to health, physical condition, influence of alcohol or drugs, or if they behave in a way that is a nuisance to other participants.

6. Legal Matters
In case of disagreement between parties that cannot be resolved without the use of legal proceedings, the jurisdiction is a court in Norway,