Northwest Experience The summer boat to Hjertøya Bud - Aukra - Bjørnsund Veøya Ona and Ona lighthouse Eagle safari Fishing trip

Our goal is to provide everyone with an opportunity to get out on the sea, whether it IS for fishing, catching, birdwatching, or just recreation.

Experiences that build character

We customize programs for various groups, teams, and organizations, individuals, institutions such as corrections, child welfare, refugee services, employment services, and more.

Private tour

Are you looking to elevate your summer party, wedding, or other special event with a unique mode of transportation? Consider booking a private tour with the “Lagertha” boat!

With room for up to 48 guests, we can provide a memorable and comfortable experience for your group. Available for booking in Møre og Romsdal and during winter season in Kvænangen. Contact us for more information and to make a booking request.

The shipping company, The Northwest Experience

We deliver tailored content based on our own boat operation, but also in close cooperation with other operators in the region who offer content that we do not deliver ourselves. In this way, we sell each other in a market that demands quality products within experiences.

The area we operate in

The area we operate in is the entire county of Møre og Romsdal. Overnight stays on the island of Ona, most famous for the Ona lighthouse, are included in the packages we offer. We have a range of partners throughout the county, so if a package deal is desired in our long fjords or elsewhere, we can arrange it. We also put together activity packages.

Our Crew

Our crew onboard the boats is highly competent and experienced. All necessary certifications are in place. If needed, we can provide additional crew members upon request from the client. The crew will always have experience with the fishing equipment and boats used.