We take you on unforgettable experiences

In both The Northwest Experience (NWE) and the Sami Experience (SE) we have several boats that can take you on unforgettable cruises, exciting fishing trips and practical transport to the most beautiful destinations.

M/S Lagertha

A 50-passenger fast boat that we will use for routes and charters in the Romsdalsfjord. It will be classified for small coastal navigation, so we can also take you to Ona Lighthouse, Rundeøya or across Hustadvika.

The name of the new boat is “MS LAGERTHA”.

“Lagertha” was a Norwegian skjoldmær (from Old Norse skjaldmær) according to the legend. She was the wife of the famous Viking Ragnar Lodbrok. Her story was documented by the Danish chronicler Saxo Grammaticus in the 12th century. Today’s historians believe that Lagertha was probably not a historical figure, but rather stories about Viking warrior women or about the Norse deity.

​Ref: Wikipedia
Photo: Pinterest


M/S Lyngøy

Built in 1943 at Grøtvågen Shipyard in Trøndelag. Used for fishing until 2004, including whaling, which is also planned for today.

The boat takes 12 people.

M/S Even

Less 27
Service speed 27 knots
The boat has room for 10 people
Ideal for 2 to 6 people

Scope of operation: fishing trips, fjord cruises, or transport/taxi boat.

Taxibåten “Hobby”

Boat taxi service for up to 12 passengers in Romsdalsfjorden, Nordøyane, Vigra and Ålesund.

Operates for fishing trips, fjord cruises, or transport/taxi services.